David Kolb

Hegel and Heidegger on Today

Circulation Bound: Hegel and Heidegger on the State

Modernity means freedom, we say, and circulation let loose: commodities, technology, choices, the autonomous individual. In contrast to our free exchange, we imagine old traditional societies as a regulated exchange along a network of posts defined by fixed roles. In a totally modern world, all identities are available for use and consumption, exchange and substitution in a depthless circulation of beings made indifferently available.

Circulation and Constitution at the End of History

Hegel’s claims about the end of history seem bold and disturbingly specific. Could he really have believed that the institutional forms he discerned in the Europe of his day were the last word in society and politics?

Why Hegel? Why Now?

Reasons why Hegel is a useful dialogue partner for our present situation in philosophy.