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Revising a Video

The video which I posted a while back discussing Parkinson’s disease and Stoicism and me ran about an hour and 1/2. I thought it might be better to replace it with a series of shorter videos made by cutting up the original. But this proved a daunting task so I settled for adding to the …

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Image of ancient philosopher Plato

Bending Plato

This week I’ve been thinking about a talk I’ll be giving in July on Plato and democracy. Why does Plato think that democracy tends towards tyranny? Should we be afraid he might be right? In previous talks on this topic I told Plato’s story how a democracy can change into a tyranny, with disturbing parallels …

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Video Released

I have released a video of a talk about philosophy, PD, stoicism and me. The talk was given at OLLI UO in February.

computer and notepad on table

Fumble Fingers

There is another theme in this blog: Parkinson’s disease. The disease has made it difficult to work with computers, and forced me to investigate technological aids. I am working on a series of essays focusing on tools to help people with neurological problems deal with computers and their new modes of communication. I will be …

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82 and Counting

So why am I trying a blog at age 82? I do have good examples of a successful blog from Robert Paul Wolff, whose forthright opinions are most refreshing. There are fine examples of blogs by retired philosophers: Robert Paul Wolff, Hans Sluga, and others. Then there is Austin Kleon’s book Share Your Work, where …

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I’m Growing a Website

I have been running a website for years, adding every few months some self-description and references to things newly written or delivered. My net presence has been for the most part an index or a catalog. I have had both Facebook and Twitter accounts for years but not used them extensively, since I am uneasy …

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Too Many Topics?

I have a very wide fund of knowledge about many issues, disciplines and cultures, nonetheless I have some niche interests, rather narrow and by writing about them in a blog maybe I’d find out whether they are shared at all. This means that the blog will contain posts on different topics and I will need …

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