David Kolb

Our New American Life

Steps to the Futures

I want to tell some stories of ends and transformations in the relation of the past to the future. These stories have implications for education and enlightenment. They are stories in which modernity is seen as an end and a beginning.

Fragmentation and the Formless Center

Centers have been out of intellectual and political fashion, because they have been often oppressive. We both celebrate and worry about postmodern fragmentation as we enact it in our technology, while fearing hidden centralization.

American Individualism: Does it Exist?

This essay was written for a Japanese audience and raises many questions about the stereotypical division of individualist from group societies. Does American individualism really exist as it is popularly conceived? Arguments from Hegel and Dewey suggest not. Includes a comparison with equally stereotyped images of Japanese culture.

On American culture, identity, and politics

Links to a set of popular talks about the threats to democracy, political debate across different worlds, American claims to a special identity, and why we must learn to read, again.