David Kolb

New memoir essay

When I posted my memoir essays about growing up and my time in the Jesuits I promised another installment about my life teaching. Working on that essay I realized that it divided naturally, one part covering the events of our life moving from place to place, and the other covering changes in my outlook and thinking while I was teaching in those places. Today I am posting the first part, about what was going on where. Later in the summer will come the second half about how my intellectual world changed during my teaching career.
The essay is available, in pdf format: Life Teaching, 1972-2004 (8500 words)

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  1. Ginny Donohue

    Thanks, David. Very interesting . One silly connection I can make from my high school teaching years is that I, too, wanted a lottery for an important choice. I convinced a group of student leaders in charge of the prom that every attendee’s ticket would be put in a bowl and we would have a lucky draw for king, queen , prince and princess. A small victory for the common person!

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