David Kolb

Understanding Heidegger

Heidegger and Habermas on Criticism and Totality

Habermas criticizes Heidegger for insulating totalities of meaning from possible overturning by attempts to invalidate individual claims. I first state Habermas’s criticism, then elaborate an example from Heideggerthat supports Habermas’s attack. Then I defend Heidegger by distinguishing levels of meaning in Heidegger’s “world” from Habermas’s more propositional “lifeworld.”

Raising Atlantis: The Later Heidegger and Contemporary Philosophy

A discussion of how diggers stance with regard to contemporary analytic and Continental philosophy, with special emphasis on Heidegger’s later works. The essay argues that Heidegger has now become a text that people can interpret in many ways, and so he is entered into dialogues that go against his own self-image of what he was about.

Heidegger at 100, in America

The year 1989 marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Martin Heidegger. What has happened to his thought in America? This essay offers a perspective on what I take to be the main trends and some representative works in Heidegger studies on the American side of the Atlantic.